myfoxyweb Social bookmarking is great, but sometimes you're offline. And sometimes you'd like to use social bookmarking sites as a repository for some local links (in particular, Yahoo!® My Web 2.0 will allow you to do that). So it is very useful to be able to read all bookmarks into your preferred browser. For instance, I have JPackage-related links on all my boxes.

MyFoxyWeb2 is a Firefox extension that provides the same services of foxylicious for Yahoo!® My Web 2.0. You can retrieve all your (public) bookmarks and have them neatly organised (possibly in a tag-based hierarchy). Most of the code in MyFoxyWeb2 is actually foxylicious' code. MyFoxyWeb2 is free software distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

There is no documentation, as the usage of the extension is really self-explanatory: you must choose a folder in which all your Yahoo!® My Web 2.0 bookmarks will be stored. You have some options (hierarchical or not hierarchical, for example), and the choice of pre-deleting all bookmarks in the chosen folder. An item in the “Tools” menu lets the user access the preferences/updating dialog.

As an additional bonus, a right-click menu item helps in adding easily bookmarks to Yahoo!® My Web 2.0.

History and Motivation

I tried several social bookmarking services, but none of them would allow me to store file:-scheme URLs. Finally I hit into Yahoo!® My Web 2.0, but unfortunately there was no Firefox extension such as foxylicious to download bookmarks. I decided to fill the gap.


InstallAs usual, just download the XPI archive.