2+2=5 2+2=5 (Radiohead)

What a song. Not even a song, in fact—rather, a simphony in 3 minutes. The classical verse/refrain/possibly bridge structure is absent here.

My tablatures (Lilypond sources) include only the first part. I have not (yet) found how to play the rest in a way that I wouldn't be ashamed to share. You must use a drop D tuning—the sixth string is tuned down a tone.

The first part is in 7/8, approximately divided as 4+3. Note, however, that the bass hits sometimes the first eighth, sometimes the second, making it a challenge to keep the tempo and sing at the same time. The second eighth sometimes is skipped (if you're not playing the bass at that time).

The fact that the melody is filled with strong dissonances does not help either ("to rights" is sung on a natural B over a F-9 chord, which means, in practice, that F-G-A♭-B-C are played together, albeit with a different distribution; this is pure genius).