K25 Sonata K25 (Domenico Scarlatti)

I heard this sonata for the first time played by Horowitz (Horowitz Plays Scarlatti, published by Sony). As one expects, his interpretation is very pianistic, and romantic, but the resulting contrast between the parts with and without arpeggi (played with or without pedale) is very fascinating, and worth a small betrayal to the correct (in the sense of historical) execution. Here's the plain score (Lilypond sources).

Thank to Lilypond's MIDI output capabilities, you can even get a MIDI file of this sonata, or (courtesy of Timidity) an Ogg Vorbis digital audio rendition (harpsichord ♩♫; piano ♩♫; organ ♩♫; concertina ♩♫; marimba ♩♫).