Anyway Anyway (Genesis)

Many people raving at the sumptuous arrangements by some new bands do not realise that those arrangements are strongly inspired by the music written by Genesis in the first seventies. Anyway appears on The Lamb Lies down on Broadway, a concept album that many regard as Genesis' best.

My transcription (Lilypond sources) tries to be as close to the original as possible in the first eight bars of the verse, where the piano plays alone, and in the bridge, so corrections are particularly welcome.

In particular, in the first eight bars of the verse the right hand is clearly audible, whereas the left hand is played less loudly; there are also some dissonances, which doesn't help. Anybody with absolute harmonic ear is welcome to provide exact chords 8^).

In the sung part the left hand is freely arranged. It follows the bass on the record, but with a rhythm that recalls the introduction. I find this more appropriate for singing over.

Note that the bridge can be skipped if you don't feel like it, but it is necessary in any case to repeat the introduction, as you must start singing on its last two measures. The ending bars of the bridge are a compromise—the whole band starts playing at that point, so there's no way to get a decent piano rendition.