Like Spinning Plates Like Spinning Plates (Radiohead)

It is difficult to decide whether it is more difficult to sing or to play this song. I leave you the choice. Satisfaction guaranteed, however, albeit the average listener could be rather puzzled. The first time you listen to this song, it is very difficult to discern any structure (well, you should be accustomed by now if you listen to Radiohead's stuff).

My engraving (Lilypond sources) of Mary's excellent transcription (which disappeared at some point), except for a change of key signature (from three to four sharps), for the distribution of repeat signs, which has been slightly changed, and for a few slurs. I've also added the lyrics (carefully synchronised).

Be warned about the last eighth of the left hand: it is always one octave higher than the next note (e.g., the first eighth of the next measure). It is easy to get that wrong. Note that it is almost impossible to understand whether Thom Yorke plays the music as a series of eighths alternating between the two hands or not. Personally, I like to play the full quarters on the right hand, and keep the bass note down for the whole measure. Do not be sparing with the pedale.

If you plan to sing, remember to decide carefully and in advance where to breathe.