Piano and guitar music

Don't expect too much content on this page, at least for a while. Simply said, I got tired of…

  1. rediscovering each time from scratch, again and again, the same tablatures or piano parts I like to play;
  2. finding imprecise, badly written (ASCII!) tablatures on the net;
  3. explaining for the billionth time a nice tablature without proper instruments (i.e., a score sheet or music engraving software).

As a result, I'm slowly going to engrave using Lilypond (BTW, terrific software!) some music, and make it public. Not that somebody should care, but if anybody with a guitar can post their tabs, I can do it, too 8^).

In the meantime, I've set up the Lilypond Snippet Repository ♪♫, a place where people can share their Lilypond snippet and search them easily and effectively.

Note that I don't claim that my tablatures or piano parts are identical to the original version. Rather, they represent the best compromise I could find to give on a single instrument a reasonable rendition of multi-part music. In any case, they are based on accurate listening and careful examination of existing tablatures. Suggestions and corrections are always welcome!

Creative Commons LicenseSome of the musical content of this scores is copyrighted, and owned by the respective copyright holders. Some is public domain. My personal contribution (engraving/transcription) is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

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